Today, Alexandria Mills arrived in Jakarta with the main agenda to attend evening peak of Miss Indonesia 2011 in Jakarta's Central Park. How does an impression of Miss World 2010 was the first time to Indonesia?

"The first impression Indonesia is a country that 'homey', to make everyone want to Indonesia. women beautiful, but the air is very hot, hotter than my city (Kentucky, United States-ed). I am very happy to be here," said Alexandria at a press conference held at Grand Hyatt Jakarta, Thursday (03/06/2011).

Miss Indonesia 2010, Asyifa Latif admitted thrilled to be back to see old friends.

"Like old friends who had met baseball. Pas met, still long distance, he just got off the plane, we see each other, feeling for so long miss baseball met. Once in Sanya (event Miss World 2010), I never met Alexandria baseball again , what hope do we lose contact because he's really busy. I also lost my contact number of books, "said Asyifa on the same occasion.

"That was really 'touchy moment', was touched," he added.

Alexandria is no less pleased to meet Asyifa. "When I saw the only beautiful woman with a crown and smiling, my attention was immediately drawn to him. He is now completely different. I also lost contact, because I myself do not have a Facebook, Twitter, and other social media,"said Alexandria.

Liliana Tanoesoedibjo as Chairwoman of Miss Indonesia had its own assessment about the figure of Alexandria when he met the first time.

"It's very 'humble'. He is worthy to be Miss World. We could feel the positive aura or whether or not someone even just sitting next to him. I could feel the positive aura. He was young, 19 years old, but mature in the spoken word and outlook about life, "said Liliana to Legal after the ceremony.


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